Sicilian quince

Sicilian quince ingredients:
The quince is a plant of the Rosaceae family cultivated for its fruits. It is one of the oldest known fruit plants, widespread in the Mediterranean countries and its origins are Middle Eastern; it is a typical fruit of the autumn season, in fact it ripens around October. Quince jam can be used to prepare desserts, but in the kitchen it is also widely used to accompany fatty and stewed meats, poultry.



  • 1 kg. of ripe quince;
  • 700 gr. sugar;
  • 1 sachet of Vanillin;
  • juice of 1 lemon;
  • In November, the antechamber of winter, we celebrate 'the mutticieddi' or the deceased loved ones, also with the preparation of mustards and quince jams, which will accompany us until the Christmas holidays. In fact the quince can be stored for months and be consumed during the whole reverse. Contrary to what one might imagine, quinces are a low-sugar fruit.



    Prepare the apples

    To prepare quince jam, clean the apples well. Wash them thoroughly, and without peeling cut them into four parts, core them and cut them into small cubes. As you cut the apples, dip them in a bowl full of water along with a few slices of lemon to prevent them from turning black. When you have finished, remove them from the water, let them drain well and put them in a pot adding two glasses of water). Cook over medium heat until the fruit has softened and pulped.

    Prepare the apples


    Transfer the quinces in a vegetable mill to sift them and put the pulp in this way obtained again in the pot: add the sugar, vanilla and simmer again for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.


    Add lemon

    When the mixture is smooth and homogeneous, add the lemon juice and cook again 5 minutes.

    Add lemon


    Lower the heat to low and pour the hot quince jam into sterilized jars that you will plug and arrange on a surface upside down so that the vacuum is formed which will allow your quince jam to be preserved for a long time.



    For the quince to dry, pour the jam into the molds (wet).



    After about half a day you can unmold and arrange the various forms of quince in one or more trays covered with a veil to dry them in the sun. It will take several days for the quince to dry thoroughly.





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