Crushed green olives

Sicilian crushed green olives - typical Sicilian recipe ingredients:



  • green olives
  • rises
  • vinegar
  • carrots
  • peppers
  • capers
  • green chilli
  • celery
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • Usually the olive harvest in the Ragusa area takes place in November, from the green and large ones, usually chosen among those collected and used to be crushed and put in jars with water and salt and garlic cloves, to the black ones or 'ammunacati' ready to be tips or 'punciute' to make him lose the bitterness and preserved, as well as of course those that will go 'or trappitu' to become excellent oil.



    Prepare olives

    Typical recipe of the olive harvest period, usually late September early October. Before freeing the plants from all the olives for milling, a first manual harvest of only the largest and most imperfect olives is carried out, precisely to have an excellent raw material for our recipe. Wash the olives in water to free them from the ground or other impurities. Mash the green olives (you can mash them one by one on a cutting board with a meat mallet). Soak them for about 8 days with only water that needs to be changed 1-2 times a day.

    Prepare olives

    Salt and mix

    After 8 days, drain and soak them in water and salt for two days (a handful of salt for about 2 kg of olives). After that drain them well and put them in a container with vinegar (a glass of vinegar for about 2 kg. of olives), carrots, peppers (2, one red and one yellow are enough), capers, green chilli, celery (all vegetables previously washed and cut into small pieces).

    Prepare olives

    glass bowl

    Leave them like this for 24 hours (during which time they are occasionally tapped).Finally drain the vinegar (let it drain for at least half a day) and add the olive oil and garlic (for those who like it). You can keep them in airtight glass bowls (the oil must cover the olives).

    Prepare olives




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    Crushed green olives



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