Zeppole o Crispelle

Zeppole o Crispelle  ingredients:
'Zeppole' or 'crispelle' of rice, timeless, classic end of meal of the lavish Sunday winter lunches, of Catania and its province ... The dough may still need a dusting of flour or a few drops of milk when you form the donuts, these must have a certain compactness, otherwise they would pulp when in contact with the boiling oil! This preparation is also good for celiacs, as long as you replace the 00 flour with rice flour.



  • 150 gr of rice (for risotto)
  • 500 gr of milk
  • 3 gr of fresh brewer's yeast
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 20 gr of milk
  • 50 gr of flour 00
  • the zest of half an organic lemon
  • The peel of 1 organic orange
  • 200 gr of orange blossom honey
  • 20 gr of water
  • cannella powder q.b
  • Icing sugar q.b
  • Peanut oil q.b



    Pour the rice into a saucepan (the one used to make risotto because it contains more starch), add the cold milk, a pinch of salt and put on the stove to cook until the rice has absorbed all the milk, having the shrewdness to stir often because the rice has a bad habit of sticking to the bottom. I don't put sugar in the dough, since the donuts will be dipped in honey. When the milk has been completely absorbed and the rice is cooked, transfer everything to a bowl and let it cool.



    The next step will be to add the citrus peel, flour and yeast dissolved in 20 grams of milk, which can also be cold in the fridge! There is very little yeast to use, both because the slow leavening, in the fridge, does not require larger quantities, and because the flour used is very little. A pimp will be formed, which must be stirred vigorously to mix everything together; cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for about 12 hours in the fridge.



    After this time, bring it to room temperature for 2 hours, more or less, and then form sticks with wet hands. Arrange them in a row on a tray covered with parchment paper; after this operation, go to frying.



    You can use a deep fryer or a pan with high sides, filled with oil because the donuts must be deep-fried. The oil must be at about 180 °. Dip a few pieces at a time and as they brown evenly, drain with a slotted spoon and place on straw paper to drain the excess oil.



    In a pan, or in a bowl (if you have a microwave), heat the honey with the addition of water and, with this, sprinkle the zeppole, after placing them in a baking dish. A sprinkle of powdered sugar, one of cinnamon and serve, if you can, immediately!





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