Traditional cuisine

Caciocavallo In the ancient Sicilian peasant families, due to the economic conditions and hard work in the countryside, simple and genuine recipes were prepared, but not abundant. There were many cereals, fruits and vegetables that the earth made available to prepare the farmer's lunch, from pasta e fasola (pasta and beans) to pasta ca linticcia (pasta with lentils), from pasta che favi (pasta with broad beans ) al maccu (broad bean cream), a poor but very nutritious recipe dating back to Roman times, from pasta ch'ì patati and lardu to pasta c'ù 'zzugu and lardu ì pigs. They are all nutritious foods for those who had to do hard work on the far.

Commissario Montalbano This site presents the recipes of Sicily and precisely of the province of Ragusa, known for the stories of Montalbano, a character created by the Sicilian writer Cammilleri.

In the stories of Montalbano, many typical dishes of the province of Ragusa are mentioned, such as the famous "arancini di Montalbano" or "Caponata di melanzane" (eggplant) or "Pasta con le sarde" (sardines).




almond pastries




Lemon pudding


Capers and salt


Sicilian quince


Zeppole o Crispelle


Typical Ragusan frittelle o friiteddi




Crushed green olives



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